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WATTS is more than a brand , it's a part of culture, a desire for freedom, a state of mind of sliding lovers who, regardless of the sport or the season, like to share, vibrate and grow with others. .



Our Streetwear 2023 collection is now available.

You will find everything there, from technical fleece products to ultra-stylish t-shirts.

A wide choice of t-shirts is available to you this summer with the WATTS01 , WATTS02 , WATTS03 , WATTS06 , WATTS09 , WATTS10 , Caution Zone , Stay Cool , Salty , Sur All Day or Dangerous Waves t-shirts. Simple and basic, they are made of organic Oeko-Tex® cotton. These pieces are soft and light and can bring a touch of color and simplicity to your favorite outfits.

Finally, in the t-shirt range, you will discover our Fastwo technical t-shirts. They are made of a light, breathable and elastic material which will allow you to be comfortable in all your movements and during all your sports.

In the technical part you can find the Blake jacket, the Terry pants & the Natas shorts. These products can be combined with the Fastwo t-shirt to have the most technical outfit for your favorite sports.

You will also find our fleece range made up of the Spray sweatshirt and the Switch sweatshirt as well as the Venice shorts and the Marker joggers.

The entire Streetwear collection is to be discovered on our website.

Sportswear & streetwear technical clothing

Technique and elegance at the service of sport & lifestyle

French clothing brand

WATTS brings together all snow sports enthusiasts

Whether it's throughout the year with a brand new Streetwear collection to explore towns and countryside, or when winter slips away month after month, when the sun warms our hearts and bodies, when the desire for waves and ocean are becoming more and more present, here too we are thinking of you. From boardshorts to lycra and caps (which you also love in winter, by the way), discover a surf collection that you can spot at first glance.

And because the technique also adapts to swimsuits, know that our boardshorts have an ultra-fast drying system and unfailing elasticity. (Fast dry 4 way stretch)

For dreamers, by dreamers, the WATTS family is more than just a brand, it's a state of mind, with common values ​​on sharing, surpassing oneself, mutual aid and freedom.

The border between sport and leisure is sometimes very fine, and the concept that we have been defending for years is that of pleasure everywhere, for everyone, together! And in the best conditions!

We are fortunate to have a community that grows every new day, to broaden our horizons across the globe, and this achievement we love to share with each of you.

To combine our desires with our products. To continue to vibrate and shake up the codes today and tomorrow, the WATTS team continues to imagine quirky and colorful creations, a sign of your difference and your openness.

With you, within the WATTS TEAM, the adventure has only just begun. There are still so many mountains to ride, so many waves to surf, so many countries to discover, so many people to meet.

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