Winter or summer, protect your head with style and elegance

Having a corner dedicated to caps is a desire and a pleasure. Yes at WATTS we have a passion for headgear and we like to share our passions.

The cap is more than a fashion accessory, it's being able to protect yourself in all seasons from the sun, it's an extra touch on style when you dress, it's being able to change your appearance quickly . Like a pair of shoes or a watch, the cap can make the difference and at WATTS we like that: to be unique!

From classic black and white to the most fluorescent colors, suitable for men, women and children, plain, two-tone or gradient, you will undoubtedly find the cap(s) you want to wear on a beach in summer, during happy hour in the spring or on the way out in the winter.

The embarrassment of choice is before your eyes, and it grows with each new season!