Immerse yourself in the world of skiing with the collection co-created by Kevin Rolland and the WATTS brand. This exclusive collaboration offers a range of ski textile products combining both technical performance and elegant style.

Peak Performance

Designed with the expertise of Kevin Rolland and cutting-edge technology from WATTS, the products in this collection offer optimal performance on the slopes. Whether for the most daring descents or the tightest turns, these ski textiles guarantee comfort and protection.

Signature Style

With its distinctive aesthetic, the collection combines the iconic style of Kevin Rolland with the design expertise of WATTS. The result ? Ski textiles that don't compromise style for functionality, providing a modern and dynamic look on the slopes.

Absolute Comfort

The focus is on comfort with high quality materials and ergonomic design. The collection's textiles offer complete freedom of movement and a soft feeling against the skin, ensuring a pleasant skiing experience on every descent.

Commitment to Excellence

With the fusion of Kevin Rolland's expertise and WATTS' innovation, this collection embodies the commitment to excellence in skiing. Each product is the result of a passionate collaboration aimed at providing the best to skiers around the world.

Immerse yourself in adventure with the ski textile collection co-created by Kevin Rolland and WATTS. Discover these exceptional products now and get ready to hit the slopes with style and confidence.