Immerse yourself in the world of skiing with the Kevin Rolland collection, an exceptional selection of products co-created by the legendary skier and his personal favorites.

Elegance in Black and White

This collection is distinguished by its sober and refined design, with products entirely in black and white for a timeless and sophisticated style on the slopes.

Comfort and Performance

Each product in the Kevin Rolland collection combines comfort and performance, offering optimal protection against the elements while ensuring complete freedom of movement for unrivaled performance on the slopes.

Co-creation and Favorite

Products co-created with Kevin Rolland himself, as well as his carefully selected personal favorites, guarantee exceptional quality and an unforgettable ski experience.

Versatility on the slopes

Whether you're looking for jackets, pants or other ski accessories, the Kevin Rolland collection offers a complete line of versatile products suitable for all skiers, from beginner to expert.

Immerse yourself in the elegance of skiing with the Kevin Rolland collection. Discover now its co-created products and its favorites, and ski with style and confidence on the slopes.