For skiers, by skiers, this incredible collaboration is the fruit of
the expertise of Kevin Rolland and the passion of the WATTS TEAM for skiing.

Each piece in this collection has been thought out and designed to offer you a so WATTS style, combined with the latest textile technologies. “KR”
is now engraved on the top of the mountains!

So stay tuned for more details on this unique collaboration, and we'll
meet together at the top of the slopes!


Fly into the World
Breathtaking from Kevin Rolland, World Champion and Olympic Ski medalist
Halfpipe, and WATTS!

The name Kevin Rolland resonates like an intoxicating melody in the world of freestyle skiing.
Originally from La Plagne, this sliding prodigy has conquered the highest peaks of the discipline, constantly pushing the limits of the impossible.

If you don't yet know this living half-pipe legend, get ready
to fly with him!

From its first turns on the snowy slopes of the French Alps to its consecration on the international scene. Kevin Rolland embodies the modern, smiling, dreamy and hard-working freestyle skier.

Just one more
an exceptional athlete, Kevin is also a role model, inspiring generations
young riders to pursue their dreams, persevere through adversity and
believe in the impossible. Qualities in line with WATTS values.

For this reason,
We are proud and happy today to announce great news to you!